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Camera-ready artwork: This is color or black and white laser printed artwork of 1200 dpi or higher in EPS (encapsulated post script) or AI (Adobe Illustrator) format. All text to be submitted in outline (vector art) when possible. The following artwork is not considered camera-ready: photographs, slides, transparencies, negative stats or films that need to be reversed to positive, halftone art that needs to be resized, low resolution laser printed artwork of less than 1200 dpi (we recommend sending black and white 1200 dpi laser prints at 200% larger than actual size), photocopies, faxed art, letterhead, business cards, Web images or any other art that needs to be touched-up, color separated, or multi-color art to be made one-color or otherwise improved. Stats, PMTs or computer scans of the above are not considered camera-ready. Other than camera- ready submissions will require additional charges and delays to production.

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